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evdfSpecial Interactive session with Tobias Schwarz

European Veterinary Specialist in Diagnostic Imaging


Small Animal Masticatory, Oral and Dental CT & MRI

This lecture covers all aspects of advanced imaging of dental, masticatory and oral diseases of dogs and cats and also smaller mammals. This should help veterinary dentists in decision making as to when it is most appropriate to use advanced imaging and which modality is most suitable.

 Thursday 18th May 14:00 - 17:00 at Barcelo

Price only €150 and limited to only 40 participants.

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Disorders in the oral cavity can lead to discomfort and pain. If not treated they can even lead to severe secondary diseases. Assess your dog's dental health in six steps, following the instructions provided.

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Royal Canin


Royal Canin is happy to support the veterinary dentistry by offering free registrations to veterinarians younger than 35 years and not board certified. 

Registration is now open

1. Application

Registration will open and every young vet willing to apply for a free registration will need to fill in an on-line form on the EVDS website.

2. Evaluation

From this list, 20 young vets will be selected randomly, with a limit of not more than three candidates per country.

3. Registration

- The happy winners will then have to register and to make a deposit of €100 that will be refunded after the congress, if they attend.
- The chosen candidates must reply within ten days and transfer the deposit within 14 days after notification.
- If a candidate does not reply within two weeks the next on the waiting list will be contacted.
- All the cost of the congress without the gala dinner will be covered but not personal expenses.